CSI-Hard Evidence

CSI-Hard Evidence 1.1

Crime solving game. From the television series CSI
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CSI - Hard Evidence, is the fourth and last pc videogame of the CSI saga. Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista. The minimum system requirements for play this videogame are: 2.0 GHz processor or better, 512MB RAM, 64MB 3D-accelerated video card and 1.5GB hard drive space.
You are the new CSI (Crime scene Investigator) and you are responsible for collecting new evidence for solve the most recent cases. With the help of Gil Griusson and Catherine Willos you have to watch very carefully the crime scene and collect new clues. Using the last technologies, you have to find fingerprints, drops of blood, take pictures, pick suspected objects and every thing that help you to build a case. Once you have a dead body, you can talk to Doctor Al Robbins to start to find what has hapend. At time you found new evidence you can compare it to the database of CSI or the FBI in the laboratory. This way you will find several suspects and you can make a crime triangle. The Captain James Bras, bring to you the orders for interview the suspects, and he helps you to find new places for to investigate.
Five cases to investigate. Good stories.

Rodrigo Ramos
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  • Greater difficulty
  • New tools for the detection and analysis of evidence
  • Closer to the television series


  • Only five crimes to investigate
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